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Merchant Spotlight: Decorated Seashell Night Lights

Merchant Spotlight: Decorated Seashell Night Lights

Colleen ClapperHi Everybody! Our love for the ocean and the beauty within is a big reason many people choose live and visit Bradenton, including us! This month's merchant spotlight features night lights that are made from 100% natural seashells.

Each exotic shell is sourced from around the world and hand embellished with authentic Swarovski crystals by local artisans in Charleston, South Carolina.

Turn on the light and watch each shell transform! The warm glow of the light enhances the colors and beautifully highlights the natural uniqueness of each individual shell.  No two lights are the same and each would make a beautiful addition to any room.

Check out our collection and bring one home today!

Creativity Spotlight: Kim and Randy Fusselman

Creativity Spotlight: Kim and Randy Fusselman

Jim ClapperHere at The Rusty Crickett, we love the creativity of the local artisans we feature in our shop. Every month moving forward, we will spotlight one local artisan and give them a platform to share their story and inspire others.

To kick off us off, this month we are proud to feature Kim and Randy Fusselman from Beach Life Decor.


How about those Reindeer?!  Super cool right?? As you heard in the video, stay tuned for information on our Reindeer Decorating Workshops, facilitated by artisans Kim and Randy.  These are sure to be a blast and seating will be limited!

Have an idea or recommendation for future Creativity Spotlights? Drop me an email at Jim@RustyCrickett.com - we love collaboration!